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Novum Agri Business
Utrechtseweg 111
6871 DR Renkum
The Netherlands

phone: +31-317-316986
fax: + 31-317-315439
Novum Agri Business was founded on February 1, 1989 in Renkum, The Netherlands.

We first focussed on business in Central and Eastern Europe by operating as an agent for Dutch companies that wanted to explore the possibilities to export products for the dairy, pig and poultry industry to Poland and Hungary.

From 1994 onwards Novum Agri Business also started activities in Western Europe selling veterinary instruments to the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. 1999 saw the beginning of distribution activities of drumpumps to the European chemical industry and to the agricultural sector. And in 2007 other innovative accessories for the animal health sector such as bottle holsters were added to the range of products.

Today, Novum Agri Business is an established name in the European veterinary pharmaceutical and chemical industry as well as in the animal health and agricultural sectors. We distribute into most European countries excluding the UK and Ireland.