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IBC pump

An IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) is designed to hold 1.000 litres and be emptied either via the cap in the top or through a large tap on the side. When a small volume of liquid is required dispensing through the tap can cause expensive wastage.

The Ezi‐action® IBC Pump fits through the opening in the large cap on the top of the IBC. An Ezi‐action® MBSP fitting (58 mm) secures the Ezi‐action® IBC Pump into the inner opening so that the pump fits securely without leakage or mess.

All Ezi‐action® IBC Pumps offer the same distinctive features and benefits as the Eziaction ® Drumpumps. They have an overall length of 137 cm so they will sit on the base of the IBC and empty all the contents.
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 IBC pump
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