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Big Gun

The Big Gun oral drencher comes in five sizes with different dose setting selector increments:
* 30 ml: 1 ml increments from 3 to 30 ml
* 50 ml: 2,5 ml increments from 5 to 50 ml
* 60 ml: 2,5 ml increments from 5 to 60 m
* 65 ml: 2,5 ml increments from 10 to 65 ml
* 70 ml: 2,5 ml increments from 2,5 to 70 ml

The reverse Dial-a-Dose system with large indicator window makes dose setting fast and easy. It allows for highly accurate and effective dosing of animals.

The Big Gun is lightweight, easy to use and durable. This innovative and simple applicator is setting new standards for drench applicators.
The 30 ml and 50 ml Fusion Gun are drench guns with a special feature: the metal shroud onto the barrel and the metal front cap.
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