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The new and innovative MAGNUM uses a newly designed SoftLock™ valve technology which makes it incredibly easy to squeeze.

The unique Offset Barrel Outlet™ has been designed to improve priming (only the Magnum 40 ml does not come with this special offset barrel).

The Dial-A-Dose™ selector has a very smooth action.

The Magnum’s other great features include an angled nozzle for convenient application, an ergonomic design for comfortable handling and customisation options to help with marketability.

The Magnum pour-on is available in 5 sizes:
* 40 ml: 1 ml increments from 10 to 40 ml
* 70 ml: 2,5 ml increments from 10 to 70 ml
* 80 ml: 2,5 ml increments from 15 to 80 ml
* 90 ml: 2,5 ml increments from 25 to 90 ml
* 100 ml: 2,5 ml increments from 35 to 100 ml

Magnum 40 ml with various pour-on nozzles
Extension pour-on nozzles are available for all sizes.
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