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The Optimiser pour-on gun is available in four sizes and has a reverse dial-a-dose selector: no product wastage with dose adjustments.

* 2 ml: 0,2 ml increments from 0,2 ml to 2 ml
* 5 ml: 0,5 ml increments from 0,5 to 5 ml
* 12,5 ml: 0,5 ml increments from 1 to 12,5 ml
* 15 ml: 0,5 ml increments from 1 to 10 ml and 1 ml increments from 10 to 15 ml

The dual hose barb can be used with 4,6 mm and 6,4 mm draw-off tubes. The soft grip on the finger bar is of non-slip material that enhances comfort.
The Optimiser can be fitted with a standard pour-on nozzle and with a T-bar nozzle.
reverse dial-a-dose selector
The Optimiser has a long stroke length for greater accuracy and easier squeeze and handle spring covers for greater hygiene.

This applicator is comfortable, dependable and easy to use.
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