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Ultimate V-Vaximate

The new and innovative Ultimate V-Vaximate is a Vaccinator with a simple and accurate dial-a-dose feature. It is also more ergonomic, robust and lighter weight than ever before.

You can reduce or increase the hand span of the Ultimate V-Vaximate which makes it perfect for any hand size.
The Ultimate V-Vaximate can be supplied with a soft grip or a textured hand grip. The needle nib front cap is in brass for better durability.

The Ultimate V-Vaximate has a dual size hose spigot allowing it to be used with 4,6 mm and 6,4 mm diameter tubes.
The Ultimate V-Vaximate is available in three sizes:
* 0,5 ml: 0,05 increments from 0,05 to 0,5 ml
* 3 ml: 0,5 ml increments from 0,5 ml to 3 ml
* 6 ml: 0,5 ml increments from 0,5 to 6 ml
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